Enterprise dashboards for different parts of client organization.


The client wanted to move away from traditional spreadsheet based reporting - which was producing multiple information dump without any action nudges


We leveraged Athena - our pre-existing canned suite of reports for lenders, which has pre-created views for:

1. Different functions - such as sales, risk, operations, products

2. Different audience - Executive dashboards - for leaders, functional dashboards - for functional staff, reports- generic reports and MIS produced automatically

Client chose from the predefined views and reports and made small modifications for organization specific processes. Our team connected with client's DWH and was able to ship out the reports within quick timelines.

For functional reports, we enabled nudges/ triggers to field force through mobile, email, etc. to ensure proper action by the concerned team.

We helped client in training their employees on the new dashboards, and measured the engagement level of employees on usage of dashboards. For the teams with low engagements, we worked with the client leadership to retrain and drive higher engagement


Client was able to stop all spreadsheet reports from the organization and the entire organization moved to automated reports and dashboards.

With Athena, the project delivery took 30% less time than a standard project

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